Our Workforce


Our Workforce

Our corporate strength resides in the collective contribution of our workforce. Our employees understand that we expect them to make a significant contribution towards the attainment of our vision for the future. We are aware that it’s people that make the difference and IAS is committed to identifying, attracting, and employing the very best people at every level of our organization.

Meet Our Management Team

  • Chip
    Chip Chaon
    Chairman of the Board
    Chip Chaon joined Insurance Audit Services in 2003 as Vice President of Sales.  During the last twenty years, Chip has served in several roles, including Chief Operating Officer, President, and CEO. Chip turned over day-to-day operations to Brad Schaefer in 2021. Chip currently serves as Chairman of the Board.
  • Bard
    Brad Schaefer
    President & CEO
    Brad began his career at Insurance Audits Services in 1989 as an original investor and later worked in various specialty auditing roles. Brad has progressed through the ranks serving as Vice President, COO, and eventually becoming the President and CEO, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the insurance auditing industry.
  • Scott
    Scott Timmerman
    Chief Operating Officer
    Scott started with Insurance Audit Services in 2005 as a premium auditor. In 2009, Scott was promoted to Premium Audit Manager. Recognizing Scott's exceptional knowledge and leadership abilities, he was further promoted to Executive Vice President in 2019. Scott currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer.
  • Mike
    Mike Smith
    Chief Information Officer
    Mike has extensive experience in IT Portfolio Management, with a background in Computer Information Systems, and Microsoft SQL Programming and Reporting Data Analytics. Since joining IAS in 2011, Mike has continuously advanced in his career, steadily progressing to his current role as Chief Information Officer.
  • KellySchaefer
    Kelly Schaefer
    Vice President of Sales
    Kelly began her career with Insurance Audit Services in 2003 with a background in Sales and Marketing. Kelly has since dedicated 21 years of service to Insurance Audit Services, now holding the esteemed role of Vice President of Sales, demonstrating exceptional leadership and sales acumen.
Human Capital

At Insurance Audit Services we believe in investing in human capital. Outsourcing products and people is becoming more common in the service sector in general and our industry specifically. In an effort to gain a competitive pricing advantage, or simply to contain costs, many firms have turned to a contingent workforce, either through outsourcing, sub-servicing, or contracting with Third Party Administrators (TPAs), utilizing strategic partnerships, or by engaging in other exotic employment structures. At Insurance Audit Services we feel the outsourcing of product and people is an outsourcing of human capital.

Relationship Driven


We are committed to maintaining W-2 employment for our entire audit staff. We do not augment our audit staff with temporary, leased, or contract employees. While doing so would result in significant cost savings and expense reduction, we feel the result would also contribute to a reduction in quality, loyalty, timeliness, and control. While a traditional employment relationship might carry more expense, we feel the results speak for themselves.


We employ a veteran group of senior executives, premium audit managers, auditors, software engineers, as well as processing and administrative staff.

Training & Education


When new associates join IAS they receive the very best industry training available. Our training program is customized to meet the needs of each individual employee. IAS also encourages continuing education by offering tuition reimbursement for associates seeking industry certifications or designations.



Our investment in human capital, the relationships formed between individual employees, managers, and executives through mutual respect and opportunity, our commitment to training and educating our staff, as well as the benefits we provide to our associates, all contribute positively to the retention of our staff. In an industry where subcontracting and turnover are pervasive, we are able to retain the best people and attract the brightest talent.