What makes us different?

We offer our clients a broad range of high quality premium audit solutions

Safe, Secure & Fast
Web Audit
Policy Types

Worker’s Compensation and General Liability policies represent the majority of audit requests.

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Client profile
Client Profile

Our client profile represents the best of both the traditional insurance industry.

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Product Offerings

We have developed our products to meet the demands of a dynamic customer base.

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Vision Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the pre-eminent provider of premium audit insurance services and solutions.

mission Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the quality leader, service leader, technology leader and value added leader in the independent premium audit insurance services industry.

Value Value Statement

We value integrity, excellence, results, teamwork, quality and respect for others.


Technology is one of the key strengths at Insurance Audit Services, and we leverage that strength to promote efficiency and cost reduction, both internally and for our clients.

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Our Workforce

Our corporate strength resides in the collective contribution of our workforce. Our employees understand that we expect them to make a significant contribution towards the attainment of our vision for the future

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Demand for our services continues to be at an all time high. As we continue to grow we are always interested in qualified people that will contribute to the success of the organization.

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