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Product Offerings

We have developed our products to meet the demands of a dynamic customer base. We focus on quality and efficiency in order to deliver the very best product to our clients.

Physical Audits

We offer physical audit services in select states in the Midwest and we travel nationwide to support select clients. A physical audit includes direct contact with the policy holder and/or audit contact by one of our field auditors. We do not charge zone, fuel, or other fees.

Hybrid Audits

Our Hybrid audit is a direct replacement for a physical audit. The audit is completely verified to the policy period with all the same documentation requirements as a physical audit. This is the “Cadillac” of telephone audits. Contact us to discuss the difference between a Hybrid audit and Telephone audit.

Telephone Audits

We offer verified (documented) and non-verified (non-documented) telephone audits on a nationwide basis.


IAS’ proprietary web application technology, provides policyholders the ability to complete their audit by accessing our easy-to-use web-based system through an enterprise customer portal. Policy holders are able to securely respond to the audit process, and upload supporting documentation, through this encrypted application. The application is flexible and can be customized to meet individual client’s business needs.

Mail Audits

Our nationwide mail audit program is a unique custom solution that targets the policyholder’s business directly. We do not send generic forms to the insured. The process is highly automated, efficient, and budget friendly.


We offer services beyond the audit. We routinely provide expert consulting services to our clients in order to improve their internal operations.

Please contact us  directly for our e-brochure, which offers a more complete description of our premium audit insurance solutions, including our expanded service offering descriptions and methodologies, technology solutions, and pricing schedule.